Thursday, 15 October 2015

You're never to old to become younger - Mae West

I visited a friend, and her daughter, and her grandchildren on Monday while I was out and about.  The thing with being around small children is you remember how the small things in life are the things that give lots of pleasure.

Like making bubbles!!!

Inspired by the activity being enjoyed by three pre school aged kids I made a hoop out of an old clothes hanger, got a bowl and squirted detergent til my hearts content.  OK, so I did run around popping the bubbles, more marveling at the colour and how that aimlessly drifted off into the sky.  So good for the soul to do something as simple as make bubbles. Lucky I don't give a rats you know what, about what people think of me aye.

The only mission I had on Monday was to collect plants from my plant friend.  Kathy who grows gorgeous things from seeds and cuttings sells them on trade me.  I usually buy something from one of her auctions and then just buy more plants when I go to pick up and pay.  This time it was Tomatoes for TOF. I came home with two flowery things for the garden, all have now been planted.

The only other thing on my list of things to do was pick Lemons for the lads at work, and enjoy the sunshine that was on offer.

After work on Tuesday I had a visit from Sue W.

Wednesday was Glory-arse!!  I bought the orange top the day before at a cool recycled clothing shop in Frankton and teamed it with black, turquoise and silver.  

The sun shone and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue, the clouds were fluffy and life was good in the garden.  I joined the flowers looking up towards the sky - bliss!!

My Pink Flamingos are WHITE!!  Must have lost their pink feathers over winter when I was pre occupied with keeping warm.

Oprah is very clucky, she makes one hell of a to do when I try to collect the eggs she is gathering and keeping warm. I think this is one of the reasons the girls are laying all around the garden, she is a grumpy clucky chicken.

Daisies smoother the lawn at the moment, this means it is time for the lawn mower to make an appearance.

My $2.50 buys from Hospice. The Pink dress has some marks on the front so I am thinking of stitching the embroidered tray cloth on the front to cover them. Why yes that is a jumpsuit in the middle, not sure if I will wear it as a jumpsuit or trim the top and have a pair of harem pants instead.

I had today off and am going to work tomorrow instead.  TOF has two days holiday so we hung out in the garden together.

 So did Sheba!

 And we discovered where Autumn is laying her eggs.

Today was our 23rd Wedding Anniversary and TOF took me out for lunch.  We went to a very nice cafe at a garden centre and then had a wander among the plants for sale.  We ended up at another garden centre and I bought us a Pohutukawa Tree, also know as a NZ Christmas tree, I cannot wait for it to bloom.  You are going to love it!!

We came home with some 99 cent potted colour and some plants for the vegetable garden. So industrious we are!

My Totem pole pot on the deck is going off! I now have that plant in yellow and red, all from my plant lady.

My tiered planter box had some extras added to it this evening, I am going for the mass planted look which hopefully will provided a colour explosion.

I also planted the Pohutukawa tree that we have named Tree 23 due to todays anniversary.  TOF took these photos in the dark, struggled to see, and couldn't find the shoot button, I was trying to show you all how big the tree is. Hopefully you get the idea of the size.

 Might take TOF to the Zoo on the weekend
so our inner children can play.

Go make some Bubbles!



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Monday! I came and saw you Monday luv lol :D

Beth Waltz said...

Happy Anniversary, Sue! Planting Tree 23 is a delightful way to mark the occasion. Perhaps you can have your artistic friends create a ceramic plaque for the tree to display -- like those in the Queen's Garden at Buckingham Palace.

Your bird of paradise bloom is enchanting. So, in an odd fairy-land setting, is your white flamingo. Perhaps if you added rhinestones, it could guard a pixie cottage alongside Oprah-the-dragon-chook?

Love the new orange top!

Nancy J said...

Lovely garden goodies, the chooks, and what is the green plant with those gorgeous pansies?

Nancy J said...

I forgot, Congrats on your anniversary. A superb tree to mark a great day and date.

Goody said...

Happy Anniversary!

That's one heck of a bubble wand you made there-Looks like great fun.

Send Oscar up here to me and I'll feed him all the cake he wants-poor pup looks so guilty.

I like your fix for the pink dress. Oooh, a jumpsuit. You HAVE to wear it at least once before cutting it apart. Pretty please?

Mel Baker said...

Happy Anniversary!!

I hope you get to the zoo and you definitely need to blow more bubbles.

Connie said...

Happy Anniversary!! How nice that the chicks are sending you on an egg hunt. And aren't you a nice friend to bring bubbles. BUBBLES. One of the best things ever!!

Leeanne said...

Ahhh, yes bubbles do wake up the inner child if it is having a wee nap, mine does when I hang out with the wrong people! Happy 23 years!

Melanie said...

There's a choir here of Happy Anniversaries! Looks like a winning day for you and TOF. Plants, plants, and more plants! How lovely. Your orange top and your other finds are gorgeous. And fresh lemons? What a treat.
Oh yes, the coat hanger bubble maker, pure genius!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh that mischievous Oscar ... lucky he's so cute ... and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY :0)

freckleface said...

Happy Anniversary! That's a lovely way to mark it with a lunch out and a special tree. I love the name! That note from Oscar really made me laugh. Fresh lemons? How wonderful. Bubbles, what a great idea. Xxx

Curtise said...

Happy anniversary to you and TOF!
This post is just typical Sue - full of colour and frocks and animals and plants and good sense and humour and fun! xxx