Monday, 23 November 2015

Crickey, it's Monday already!!

Yep it is Monday and the sunshine is back so my line is now full of the washing that was put on hold over the weekend. A weekend of blah, rain, rain and just a little more rain. The garden is beyond happy and my fingers are crossed that all the farmers are now happy.

So last Friday I was intending on being a good wife and staying home and doing some things around the house, but I had to nip out and drop off something.  While I was out I somehow ended up doing the rounds of the opportunity shops. Ooooooops!!!

I couldn't leave the bookmarks behind even tho' I only need one so they will be getting re homed to other readers and they were only 50 cents each. The cute as felted bag was only $2.50 and the festive embroidery was $4.  OMG I actually think I am getting ready for Christmas!

The White Birkenstock sandles my sister sent over to me.

Fly London sandles for $4 from the city Salvo store.

Black Minx sandles for $3 from the SPCA shop.
From Habitat I found some huge jars to use in my pantry and a filter for my camera that does trippy things to photos, that you will view later.  I wore a lot of blue and got mobbed by the girls while eating a freshly picked strawberry.

 So much growth in the garden and look at how long my hair is getting!!

The filter does a fuzzy rainbow effect around the edges.

Saturday the sky opened and it RAINED, and rained, and rained and rained, so it was a day to be spent indoors. Mind you it wasn't cold to start off with so summery clothes were still very much the order of the day.
 Told you the filter did trippy things!!

By late afternoon the temperature had dropped right off and it was cold, so someone decided that bed was the only option.

Finally around lunch time on Sunday the rain ceased long enough for me and TOF to get a load of rubbish to the dump.  We loaded the trailer with the next lot and basically took it for a drive, because by the time we got back to the dump the bastards had closed! It can wait until next weekend now as I am shit at backing trailers.  My barrow is loaded with branched to be mulched today, and I am just waiting until the sun moves so I will have a shady spot to do this in.

Fed up with Joan swanning inside like she owns the place I have installed some Joan proofing over the pet door.  Sheba has it sorted, Oscar will learn, and Tex, well I am not sure, but it is light enough for him to push through.  I will let you know if it keeps Joan outside!

TOF and I finished the weekend with a bowl of ice cream and Strawberries from our garden.  So sweet and juicy, the Strawbs that is!

Today is glorious and everything is looking lovely after all the rain. My Ivy Geraniums are in abundance and looking particularly beautiful.  
I had an audience while out the front photographing the flowers.  Can you see the dogs waiting behind the screen door? We all intend to stay home today and do stuff that needs doing. Wish me luck on that one, because I know how easily distracted I am.

And if you are given something to much to handle go to those that love you for help.



Mel Baker said...

I love seeing all the color from your neck of the woods. It is cold, snowy and icy here with no color at all.

SAM said...

I just got in from a dark and cold walk in the park with my pup. Your gorgeous flowers are warming me up. I hope Joan won't be too annoyed with you.

Goody said...

Oooh, Joan is gonna be MAD!
It is still Sunday here, and I'm about to turn in for the evening. I'll dream about your beautiful flowers, and all those shoes. Well done on those.

Fiona said...

Look at your lovely geraniums...mine got zapped by the frost last night! The strelitzia and sweet peas are gorgeous too...and the chooks of course.

Vix said...

Great scores with the Birkies and the Fly sandals, they're dead expensive here! xxx

Connie said...

You look so beautiful in that tie dye dress. Like a garden. Love the white Birks! What a nice sister.

freckleface said...

Yes, I agree with Connie, the tie dye dress is an out and out winner. Home grown strawberries, what a wonderful treat. Geraniums and sweet peas, how wonderful, and I think that might be a Bird of Paradise plant that is doing trippy things there. Your garden is bees knees. Xxx