Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Houdini of the Hen house and other things.

As I have totally wound down for the year I am enjoying mooching at home.  My entertainment so far has been provided to me by Autumn one of my little Bantams.  She just arrived here one morning and really doesn't like the idea of a designated area.  She is my Free Ranger!  She has every escape plan under control so I just let her get on with it. Her escape is almost a game now.

"Shit, mums here, and she's watching me, damn'.  Hey Mrs Wickham can you be the decoy, distract her while I fly the coup". 

"Is she still watching, well is she??"  Are you gonna help me out or what??" "Ok, I'm just gonna look the other way and pretend I don't know she is there".

"If I could whistle I would, well gently does it, here I go!!!!"

"Oh, you found me, WHAT???"

So it turns out Autumn has made herself a cosy little nest under one of the big trees and my god what a noise she makes if you try to move her.  She is on the cluck and I have had to remove her in the dark and put her in the coup, much to her annoyance.

Just for you I have just been outside and filmed her.

Yesterday I wore one of my favourite frocks.  Have you got a favourite piece of clothing?  I drag this dress out each Summer, and each Summer some random person will tell me how much they love my frock.  I think I have worn this for the last four or more years now, hopefully it will continue to live.

The Red Poppies continue to flower but after some wind yesterday most of the petals are now on the ground.  There are heaps more ready to bloom and I have a gazillion seed heads to gather seed from.

Our Pohutukawa tree, tree 23, is flowering and looking marvelous, by Christmas day it could be even more amazing. I treated Oscar to a poof and a pamper but apparently being clean is not the thing, and so far I have re washed his face 3 times as chicken shit behind the ears is the best ever!!

Everywhere I look in the garden
something beautiful is happening.

I got an SOS call from Dawn who needed to unload her kiln but she had her darling little 9 month old grand daughter Lily there.  She needed me to entertain the baby, OH YEAH, think I can do that!!  Isn't she a wee doll??  It was very much a hit and run visit as this time of the year is busy busy.  From there I went to the airport to do my weekly advertising work.  I know I am on holiday but I am happy to do the airport run.  It also meant I could stop off at a paddock I have been admiring each week.

Not just any old paddock but one full of flowers, well weeds probably but bloody gorgeous all the same.  Home to some gorgeous young lads too.

I love how they all stop mid chomp to check out me, checking them out!!

I want a paddock like this!

"What? What you lookin' at?"

There was a lovely old Willow tree in the corner of the paddock with an old tyre swing in it.  How fabulous it all looked and it was so peaceful, I could have easily lay in the paddock among the flowers/weeds with the lads.

 Eyelash Envy? Well I don't do Envy so I say Eyelash Love!

Bye lads, nice catching up with you all!!

On my way home I popped in on a couple of op shops that were still open.  Some have closed for Christmas already.  From Looksmart I got the coolest shoulder bag, two wooden puzzles for my Sister Helen's grandsons, and the most divinely embroidered Indian scarf, more like a wrap.

I found this piece of Sylvac at a Salvo for $3.50.  It has a chip in the rim but it is hard to leave a piece of Sylvac behind.

I love the pieces with animals or pixies on.

After all of my out and abouting I came home for lunch and to chill with the pets.  

You may have noticed a slight change in colour to my hair.  I threw a sandy blonde over it the other night so it is slowly getting paler.  It is quite multi coloured in parts due to fading and regrowth, like I care!!!

Because I can I draped festive lights on the dogs, they were stoked!!

Tex on the other hand got his bed pimped out with star lights and given a hat! He is comfortable so he is still with us, even though I can smell cat pee while I am typing this post.

No Christmas humour today, but a message to those that think I should conform to their way of thinking.  I have my own mind, and it is made up!  My simple life I signed up for suits me well thanks.

"She's left those farkin lights on me hasn't she?"


Nancy J said...

Autumn, doggie lights and darling Tex, not to mention your stunning outfits, and in the top pics, is that a Japonica flower? I have rich red multi ruffled poppy seed, and will be so glad to post some up to you. Email me if you would like some. ( I should have said ...Please email me!!)

Jazzy Jack said...

Little Autumn is too gorgeous! We have a dog called Winter.
Enjoy your pohutakawa for Christmas! Snaaazzzy!
Just love the pets dressed in lights. We may have to copy.
That paddock was so perfect I agree, and the tire swing topped it all off.
I adore looking at your lushness because we are all burnt off. Just bought myself some flowers for a vase for
Christmas cheer. Spring is the best time here in the garden.
Xo Jazzy Jack

Leeanne said...

Miss Autumn is quite the character........just like her Mum! I am a random person who also says your frock is fabulous and it does look great on you. Baking soda on the cat pee might help? if it doesn't work pop up here for a cuppa as I can't smell it!

Leeanne said...

P.S I hope you watched the cat & dog video on FB, you will have a giggle!

Connie said...

I do love your chicken adventures. And it's fun to hear your voice! I think we should drape twinkle lights everywhere!!

Goody said...

I could watch that video of Autumn over and over. Who knew chickens could yelp? Too funny.

I don't think Blondin would put up with Christmas lights, tame as he's become.

Add me to the list of people that admire your beautiful frock-it seems like it would be quite versatile as well.

Good on you telling people where they can stick the guilt. Just imagine if people put all that energy trying to manipulate others into just living their lives. Ah well, screw-'em.

Mel Baker said...

The decorated pets look very festive. I love your dress, I hope you get to wear it for many years to come.

Poppy Q said...

Love the cows in the weeds. Looks like you have had a busy week Sue, and I love seeing your photos of getting out and about. Raining here in Wellington - am waiting for some more sunshine.

Julie and Poppy Q

Vix said...

Another fan of that dress here, it really does look good.
Lovely to see your Midsummer photos whilst we're shrouded in grey. The cows in the field are gorgeous. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Lovely dress, long may it wear! My pet dress is an ancient corduroy shift that has faded from burgundy to a rosy pink. It's outworn 3 pairs of boots and lost its belt two decades ago. I love it; however, I no longer allow myself to be photographed wearing it whilst holding an enfant. (The original enfant's daughter noticed...)

Thanks for introducing us to Autumn. Would much rather listen to her cackle than some of the shoppers I've encountered this week. Did meet some lovely folks in the cat food section: we were all hunting for Mondo Loco Organic 'Nip, and commenting we really didn't give a rodent's rear-end what some tatty types had to say about us Crazy Cat Ladies/Gents. Our cats are better groomed and (usually) better mannered!

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