Sunday, 24 January 2016

Don't spend all your health in search of wealth.

I will never be money rich, but I will always be rich in life and happiness.  I spent the last week tootling into work, doing my thing and then enjoying my 'me time'.  I have a lot of 'me time' these days and it agrees with me totally.  So what have I been doing in my 'me time'?

It has been rather warm of late so my potted plants have been getting hand watered, less waste and quite an enjoyable task, this is happening a lot.

I took photos for a friend of her dear grand daughter,
Miss nearly three!

Last time I saw Miss nearly three she was Miss nearly one, so she has grown quite a bit since then and as cute as a button!!

My friends daughter, not the mother of miss nearly three, has been sick for the last two years and been keeping herself occupied by crocheting these amazing dolls

My photos do not do justice to any of these beautiful stitched creations.  For someone that had never crocheted she certainly has a talent.  Great therapy for her too as she recovers from her illness.

I bought this darling wee basket off trade me for $3 off an elderly woman having a clean out.  Too cute!  I have wandered the op shops but alas there is nothing to declare to you all worthy of a photo.  I did find a pair of those petticoat type pants that are fantastic under a frock on a hot day, stops the sweaty betty thigh problem!!

I noticed the house in between the church and the school next door to us is on the move.  Most people leave the neighborhood but don't take their house!!!  Three days later it is still sitting on the back of the removal truck, maybe they had a change of heart??  I am interested to see what happens to the land it sits on when it does leave.  I also wonder where Father Ted will now live, not really his name but I do not know the man so it is the name we here gave him.

Oscar got a lovely leather bean bag that he isn't totally convinced is a good idea.  Maybe in winter he will appreciate being up off the ground all snugly.

I passed a paddock full of tall dried grass with a broken shed that hinted I should stop and photograph it so I did.

I dyed my hair the other night, I seem to get the urge at about 10pm and this is when the colour change takes place for me.  I did warn TOF as he went to bed that I was doing it so he didn't get a shock the next day.  

So I am a Red Head, a Ranga, a Ginger Nut, a Carrot top, take your pick, but I am defo Golden and I LOVE IT!!!!  I chucked another blonde over my fading hair colour and crossed my fingers that I wouldn't go YELLOW, not a good colour for hair.  So Orange I can deal with gladly because I actually really like it and I think I can get away with it because of my skin tone.

Sheba thinks it's all just hilarious!!! 

There was a visit to Dawn as she had emptied her kiln of goodies!
How gorgeous are the Bird Men?

 Tree necklaces and Onesie Bunnies.

Tea light candle houses.

My favourite new thing is the Block Totem.
 Each piece is so amazing to see.

So much work goes into these and the final result is stunning.  My friend is so very talented!!

 I thought you all deserved to get a closer look at the fabulous Bird Men.

The heir came and picked up Sheba to take her on a doggy play date with a friends puppy.  She adores the heir and loves going in his car.  Up front for her.

Oscar has spent a lot of time snoozing as it has been slightly warm around here.  We won't complain because it is Summer and we do appreciate all the glorious sunshine!!

But it did get to 30* today, our HRV thingy showed 30 inside and 48 in our roof, I could probably bake bread up there!!

TOF got to go fishing so we have been dining on Snapper for the last two nights, yummo!!!  The weekend has been blissful and HOT so we have been chilling under the ceiling fan watching Spartacus DVDs, crickey there is a lot of blood and gore and rumpy pumpy!!!

Getting closer to my natural colour slowly, by the time this starts to fade I might be able to return to being a blonde.  In the mean time I am going to enjoy my new colour!!

Mine all need a good watering, so hopefully I will awake early tomorrow and be able to give them a big old drink before the sun gets out.

Oh I wing it on a daily basis!!


Jazzy Jack said...

I just adore those bird men!!
Thanks for the closeups.
Isn't it frustrating and hilarious when pets don't take to their toys or beds.
30degrees! How can you stand it! Ha!
We know it's a heat wave here when we don't go below 30 deg AT NIGHT!
Not good :-( Not much sleep had by all, and many grumps the next day.
I love your hair plaited just to suddenly change the subject!
Thanks again for the pottery update. Yum!
Xo Jazzy Jack

Nancy J said...

Your garden, plaited hair, ( wonderful), bean bags, where is yours I wonder, pottery superb, totems more so, what a wonderfully clever lady, and heat, we had 31C so they told me, I was having a wee snooze, and did I mention that the seeds arrived? Ta so much, and I was so relieved that I did have the correct phone number when I rang and asked " Is this where " The Old Fella" lives??? What would I have said if the answer was NO? Keep Cool!!!

Leeanne said...

Cracker temps here too, the news always tells a different story, I guess it depends where their temperature gauge thingie is situated. Oh I like the new hair colour, i think you suit the lighter colours. Loving the wee basket, I managed to save a few from my Mum's belongings. Hehe I might need some of those lacy bloomers too.......sweaty humid weather!

Julie said...

I think I wing it on a daily basis too Sue :-) Yes melting hot over here too ... the garden is not loving it & nor am I. Love the pics of Sheba getting to go out with the Heir. Love the new hair colour & love it up like that too.

Beth Waltz said...

The new strawberry blonde hair colour is so appropriate for your summer look, Sue. Well done!

Sheba's "I am a happy dog!" expression would make a great poster background for so many deep thoughts, e.g. your remarks about winging it.

Goody said...

I can't help but think Oscar looks like a teenager in the chair-all he needs is a video game controller!

Your hair is looking bright and cheerful, though I've liked just about all the colours you've tried. You're one of those lucky people that can change it around and look good in all of them.

Mel Baker said...

Yay for me time!! I love the new color and the braid.

Connie said...

This hair color is terrific for you. You look like a natural ginger. So pretty. Your photography just gets better and better. Love that last quote. Truer than true!

freckleface said...

Seems to me you've got it sorted, you are so happy with your lot and if that means less money more time, then that's perfect. I love your hair, it looks amazing. The little basket and the broken down hut are right up my street and that little girl is adorable. Xxx

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