Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My Camera

I think the very first camera I had was one my dad gave me, so from a young age I have taken photos.  The Spare is turning 21 this year and he decided he would like a nice camera for his birthday, so I have watching and waiting for a good deal.  Monday the perfect deal came along so while purchasing his gift I treated myself to a little something.

As luck would have it the Macro lens I have been wanting was on special.  Of course by the time I got back home I just had to have a play.  I love the world in close up, I love the detail and the colours.

Monday was a stunning day, and seriously warm.  Days like that are best spent under a brolly in the garden.

On the weekend TOF mowed the lawn and we moved the garden box on the right so we have another little sitting area surrounded by garden.  I was out watering the garden before 7am that morning as it has been very dry.

I had my book, my camera and a pot of tea, Monday was indeed perfect.

As much as I find flies incredibly annoying, I find them awesome to take photos of.  Colourful annoying little buggers.  I will still swat them!

 The dogs took the garden with me and chilled out in their own way.

Yeah Monday was pretty good.

It was so hot in the afternoon that I took full advantage of the fact that we had installed our very own aquatic centre on the weekend. Our trusty little pool gets dragged out every summer for about a month or so and it is the best ever way to cool off.  I even took an underwater photo with my little camera of myself - glamorous I know!!

I do not know how anyone can look this good under water, I couldn't even open my eyes let alone look sexy!

Oscar came for a quick dip but isn't convinced it is his thing.

Sheba loves water but the pool messes with her head as in she just cannot work out what it is.  She is happy enough for water to be thrown on her from the pool.  If I put her in it her hair clogs up the filter so no thanks it ain't a bath.

 Monday evening the sky was beautiful.

Simply stunning.

On Tuesday I went to the Airport for work and had a selfie with this old dude, he was visiting from Hobbiton.

Another play with the Macro on some tiny miniature hand made things that live in my china cabinet.  All made from Fimo (polymer clay) by a very talented lady.

Another dip in the pool took place with another attempt at an under water selfie, and FAIL!  I can't keep my eyes open long enough but it is such fun having a go.  Maybe tomorrow I will give it another whirl, at least you will all be getting a good laugh.

Today I found a ball for $1 in St Vinnies and someone was very happy when I got home with it.  She always has to have one ball in her gob while she plays with another ball, soccer styles.

Today was MUGGY as could be so a long floaty skirt was the order of the day.  I had a pair of my petticoat pants on under neath.

Russian brooch via trade me $5, Petticoat pants $2, and a kiwiana tea towel for $3, both from the op shops.

It is too hot to be concerned about arms, wings or not I am not wearing sleeves when it is this hot.  There are better things to be worried about than wings in the breeze!

I was super excited to get this book in the post today that I had ordered.  I love The Tree house Guy and watch his program on sky.  This is the stuff of dreams, I mean, who wouldn't want to have their very own tree house, and these aren't just any old tree house.  

FYI this is what the water on top of the pool looks like from the bottom of the pool! 


Jazzy Jack said...

Oh yes, you know I love a macro shot!
Very jealous...may just be sneaking over to pinch your new lens...I have a Canon too.
Still, birthday coming up...!
Lovely fly shots and underwater shots. You are so glamorous :-D
In the mddle of making some pettipants out of self dyed silk. Yum!
Curious to know how hot you got?
Xo Jazzy Jack

OP SHOP MAMA said...

YIP it's hot alright! Would love to be back at the beach! Our pool is like yours - the kids LIVE in it. You certainly have a flash camera and you know how to use it! x DEFS we'll hook up this year for an excursion. Just waiting till Arlo is settles at kindy as he is hard work in the shops these days!!

Poppy Q said...

Sue the underwater shots are hilarious. I am sure you will master it. Your new lens is awesome, you always take such beautiful photos.

Beth Waltz said...

Eye to eye with a fly, courtesy of the new macro lens which we're all delighted you've acquired! Next, the flowers (and the feathers)...

Now I'm off to work in rude reality, Sue, but in my private thoughts I'll be sipping tea on a swing 'neath a brolly with you.

Raewyn said...

What a fun post to read! We've been melting up here's been threatening to rain for the last few days but hasn't really yet. Your new lens is great!

Connie said...

Well if the Spare has even half the photography skills of his Momma he will be in business. I love LOVE your underwater photos.

Julie said...

Great photos Sue ... love the ones of the sky, it looks amazing. Love the Russian brooch you purchased too :-) Wish it would rain & give the garden a drink & cool down this humidity. Roll on winter ... Oh god I am sounding like that Leeanne !!!!!!!

Mel Baker said...

Love the underwater shots. I can't imagine being able to keep my eyes open in water long enough to take a picture.

Leeanne said...

Yippie more cool photo's from you! I love the ones of you under water!

Serenata said...

Lovely lively and fun post Sue.

I have that lens as well! What camera do you have?

I will be in NZ this time next month!

freckleface said...

You have a pool in your garden! How absolutely wonderful. You look like your beautiful garden in that dress. Keep going with the selfies, they're fun! Xxx

Goody said...

Look at you underwater like a mermaid! Love it!

I've been looking for a tiered garden box like yours, but haven't found the right one yet. I'm not giving up-you have me convinced it would be the perfect way to make the most of our small space.

What wings? You look beautiful.