Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss you will be among the stars!

The other afternoon I noticed the moon out in the sky.  It got me thinking how no matter where you are in the world you will see the Moon and hopefully the sun.  Which also got me thinking that while I was pondering the marvel of the day time vision of the moon, someone on the opposite side of our planet was witnessing the moon at night.  

I hope so.

I might be back at work but I still have  Monday and Friday to myself.  Last Friday I drove out to Dawns place to make my pet tomb stones,  and catch up with my friend of course.  She has made these gorgeous blokes called 'Bird Men'.  They are going to be fabulous when cooked and coloured.
This is a block totem and it is amazing!  So much detail on each piece, and this I also cannot wait to see when finished.  I promise to share if I manage to time my next visit for it's completion.

Yesterday, Monday, I drove out to Sue Ws place.  Her son and hubby have been busy creating the best deck ever.  It is half done so we sat up stairs with the doors wide open enjoying the cool breeze and the gorgeous view.

Her garden looks grand from this height too.  When the deck is finished it is going to be an amazing space to relax on, which I am sure we will do.

Every time I drive in the country I see how the maize crops are growing. Paddock after paddock are full of this stuff, all growing tall, reaching for the sun.  I have enjoyed watching it go from ploughed land, to planted, to growing.  Harvest will be next.

On my daily visit to the girls to exchange food for eggs I am surrounded by the sound of happy birds in the garden.  A sound I very much enjoy.

During one of these visits I noticed movement in the plum tree.  There were plenty of feasting feathered friends, and among them was this mother and baby Wax Eye.  TOFs plums were getting hammered!!

After dinner the other night TOF got his ladder out and he picked as many plums as he could reach.  They are ripening fine inside and apart from eating them I have enough to make jam.  They are so tasty, but I fear if I eat too many I may get stuck in the powder room powdering my nose for longer than I want to powder it.

I love the world in Macro! 
One day I shall invest in a good Macro lens.

 Sunflower super close.

The funny thing is, when I was young I loved flicking through the pages of my dads National Geographic Magazines.  I dreamed of being a photographer back then, what an amazing job that would have been.  Instead I share my nature shots with you lot!!  And that is more than enough for me.  I wouldn't mind being able to shed my skin ever so often like a Cicada, wonder if you get weight loss with this?

I made another collage poster which I have hung on the wall in our dining room.  I think our loo needs one now.

Need some giggles,
well here we go...



Nancy J said...

Your lens is fine, super close-ups. Love that view, and on Sue's coffee table, is that a quilted runner? Waiting to see the head stones you are making, what a lovely idea. Hugh did wooden crosses for ours,with their names on.

Melanie said...

I always love your photos. And it's probably a good thing that you didn't spoil the pleasure you get from nature with the pressures of deadlines and bosses as a professional. Yes, I think you need more posters too.

Too bad we can't get our youthfulness back by shedding our skins like that. I love Dawn's new work, and your friend's deck. You seem to have incredible views every direction you look.

Mel Baker said...

I am happy that you share your photos with us. For the record - you would have been one helluva great professional photographer!!

Connie said...

Actually that was me looking at the moon at the same time that you were!! Just so you know, when I was younger I knew someone who was a photographer for National Geographic. He photographed life on the Amazon River in South America and got a terrible case of dysentery and almost died. So you are very fortunate to be living in gorgeous New Zealand photographing all of the lovely plants and critters and sleeping in your own bed at night.

Jazzy Jack said...

As far as most people know, you are living in an exotic location photographing the locals!
Just the same as NG!
Lovely clay work.
Xo Jazzy Jack

Beth Waltz said...

I particularly enjoy your macro photos of flowers and chickens, Sue. And I agree with the other commenters who believe deadlines and editors might blurr your focus on the marvelous: we want to see what YOU see!

Curtise said...

It was me, watching the moon with you!
I love your close-up photos, I can't imagine a new lens could make them any better. Your fabulous nature pics are some of my favourite blog images. You live in a gorgeous part of the world, and you capture what you see around you with such joy, it's totally infectious - in a good way! xxx

Goody said...

You're really talented with a camera-you could sell those as prints at an art fair and people would buy them (I know I would). You have a way of making the most mundane things like a field of corn look like high art.

I've been shedding my skin...with the help of a loofa. I'm finding it quite satisfying (but my life is kind of dull so I need to find the excitement where I can).