Thursday, 7 January 2016

I have something to say....

To all of you lovely blogging friends that left your kind words of comfort and support on my last post. And to all those lovely friends of ours that phoned, text or face booked us, letting us know how much Tex meant to not only us.  Our big beautiful boy.

I visited Dawn yesterday and I think you will all love these two bird baths.  The mask in the middle is wall hung and based on her Brother Pots.  I am going to make some colourful clay headstones for Tex and Ben to go on their plots in our garden.

Her latest works are this huge Hare and the beginnings of another block Totem.  Darling Taz joined us in the studio.  I had taken all Tex's food out for her two cats as I do not think Tex will be replaced.  He is after all irreplaceable!!
How beautiful is the Lilac tree, well I think that is what it is, it was smothered in lilac coloured flowers, so lets just call it a Lilac Tree.  I would love one at home but they do seem to grow awfully big and tall.
Dawn gave me these dudes.  They are supposed to be for a bird totem but the tall part is too thin for her poles and slightly bent so no good.  I said they would make wicked candle holders, and she said, take them home, they are no use to me.  I hope I have convinced her to make some solely for candle holders because I think they look pretty amazing. I have used colourful honey comb candles, two squeezed together and gently pushed into the top part.

My garden and the daily gifts from my girls continue to bring me pleasure, so they to deserve some of my thanks.

Likewise with these three!  My ever faithful companions, Sheba, Oscar and Joan.  Oscar is coming up coming up 12 this year which concerns me.  I always thought Tex would live forever, and I just know will be worse than useless when my little Oscar's time is up.  I shall not even think about it yet!

Today I visited Sue W as her lads are busy building the most amazing huge deck on their home.  The deck is totally a WOW moment and I cannot wait to be able to sit up high in the sky with her and enjoy the day and the views.  If you want to see the progress posts she is doing then click here.

On my way home I stopped off at the old barn I love.  There are what looks like  gazillions of these plants growing on the side of the road and I love how they look from below.  Okay so they probably aren't plants and more likely to be weeds but, I LIKE THEM!! In the country, not in my garden.

I think I might be a tad sadder than the farmer when this finally falls over.  Some how an empty paddock doesn't hold the same appeal to me.

Old corrugated iron and the odd wonky  fence post, my sort of thing. I like wonky!!  Especially people, possible because I am wonky too.  I don't like order, things in nice straight rows.  I like the natural lived in look, if it is straight I want to bend it somehow and muck up the order.

The greenness is slowly turning brownish and it is only January.

So once again I say thanks to you all...

...but this time from the boy himself.

Texas Whanga-boy

I am fine, I had my weep on the day he left us.  But now I am happy to know he is at rest.  Death is part of the life cycle and something nothing and no one can avoid, so I am happy to accept it and move on.  2016 is another year of surrounding myself with positive people, thoughts, and situations.  I have no room for negativity and nastiness in my life.  I choose to simply smile and walk away and get on with my own life.


Jazzy Jack said...

You are so welcome!
I love the candleholders and squishing two candles together is sheer genius. Will have a to steal that one!
I wonder if that tree is a Jacaranda?
Colourful pottery headstones sounds perfect.
Xo Jazzy Jack

Angels have Red Hair said...

That's a beautiful photo of Tex

Connie said...

I love wonky things, too. Rusty, dented, lop-sided, faded. I love it all. My daughter thinks I'm nuts but she has to admit that I am pretty easy to shop for. Oh sweet Tex. That is a beautiful parting shot.

Nancy J said...

And when you are a giver, like you should you receive our love and caring thoughts when sadness arrives. He was a darling, and although I knew him for such a short time. will miss him too. Your tall tree, could it be a Jacaranda? Love the pottery. Enjoy our summer, we have big winds, huge gusts, and grey skies down here. The red poppy seeds have been saved, and the single petal ones are still in flower.

Melanie said...

The wonky holds perfection as much as order, I'm with you there! Those plants remind me of a "weed" we call Queen Anne's Lace here. I always wanted a dress made of it.
Dawn makes the most wonderful whimsical creations. No wonder you are friends.
Thank YOU for sharing your life here - it's how we got to know Tex in the first place. I look forward to seeing your beautiful headstones.

Mel Baker said...

You have such a great attitude, Sue. There is enough negativity and nastiness in the world, we need to focus on the good and the positive.

Goody said...

We had those same wildflowers/weeds growing in the prairie by our old house. Early summer, they would grow tall and look like they were floating on a sea of grass when the wind blew.

Dawn's creations are so incredible. Any bird would feel posh bathing in those lovely baths.

Serenata said...

I was really sorry to read about Tex, it is always so hard when we lose one of these furry members of our family as that is what they become family.

Loved the photos of your sun flowers in the previous post - they are awesome!

Great approach - focus on positivity!

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