Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Slip, slop, slap, slurp, sleep and swim!

Wow has it been warm of late, and am I glad I put our little pool up.  There has been a lot of afternoon napping, eating of ice blocks and generally lazing about trying to keep cool.  I don't think I would survive in the tropics!!  I like warm weather but struggle in the hot, and for little old NZ it has been HOT! 

I know I said the Vardon Aquatic was open but I did not mean for the BUGS!  This one survived as I scooped it out before it drowned and required some CPR.  I suppose if I threw a handful of that breakfast cereal called fruit loops in more bugs would live as they would have little life support rings for a while. Hmmmm?  So I have been dunking in the wee pool daily, and it is divine to say the least. 

Thursday last week Sue W came into town so we could do what we forgot to do the week before.  Go to the big Hospice that is only open on Thursday.  Sue had never been and spent quite some time down the back among the books.  The place was full, we had forgotten about school holidays still being on.

I love the quirky displays they have done high up where most people wouldn't even think to glance.  We went to the Hospice shop above the warehouse but found nothing.  But I did like the huge cage display.

This was for sale at the Salvo in town for $60.  If my lads were of the age where they could use this I could have been tempted.  It folded up!  Never seen anything like it.

I came home with a few bits and bobs.  Small cane pram was $4, crazy cow was $2 and the basket was $2.

This old man caught my eye so I bought him home with me, along with the cool old suitcase, both only $4.  The old man is German and when I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised.

He had his own little box of incense cones so I lit one and......

 ......he's a SMOKER!!

I was so taken with the swirling smoke that I decided my Dragon need to join in and have a puff.

He was made by a clever couple of potters years ago that I know, and it turns out they have decided to get back into it.  My new Macro lens really picks up the swirling smoke.

I have been having a play with the Macro all week, nothing and no one is safe from my camera now.  I love the expression on Denuce's face as I eye spied her through the gate.

This is what my Grandmother always called a climbing Lily, and the colours and curls are amazing.  These climb their way up among other things in my garden and appear at this time of the year.

Looks like something small has made themselves a super hero eye mask from a leaf!

A rain drenched Gerbera was stunning.  The rain was hard and fast, and then we were back to hot. It was lovely while it lasted tho.

Some birds are real, and some are not!

There are plenty of Dandelion seed heads making wishes all around the garden.

Water droplets hanging around like big mirror balls.

I watched this huge Spider in it's web yesterday.  The bee that was trapped freed itself making a bit of a mess of the web.

So old Incy Wincy just got stuck in and re built.  So fascinating to watch, by no means perfectly symmetrical, but perfectly perfect for the job required of it.  I don't think I will be able to break a web after watching the amount of effort that went into the repair job.

When I got home from work today all hot and bothered I had a brain wave, and shortened some long pants into shorts and added  lace to the hems.  They remind me of Witches Britches. 

 They so need to make a come back!!
I'd wear them again!!


Jazzy Jack said...

Hee hee witches britches! Definitely. Love your pants hack!
Your macro shots are stunning. Loving the mirror balls.
And those smokers!
Enjoy the heat :-) xo Jazzy Jack

Mel Baker said...

The new lens makes your pictures look even better than they already are. My daughter loves the smokers!!

Goody said...

Love the Witches Britches! We had boring flannel undies that came to the knee called, "Snuggles." The static cling from them was nothing short of incredible. I'd have much preferred the Witches had I known about them.

Your lens is capturing some incredible details. Poor spider-all that work, AND the meal gets away. I've never seen incense burners like that-how inventive.

Nancy J said...

Too hot down here. 34.7 this afternoon.I think your lily is a Gloriosa, very precious and special. Love the pants, cool and smart.I have some more seeds saved, and lots to collect when the are ready.Do you have Verbascum in your garden? I have lots.

Leeanne said...

Cool Witches Britches! I am loving the new lens for your camera, very awesome photo's.

Fiona said...

I've never heard of Witches Britches!
Love your smokin' German dude.
Enjoy your's colder than a witch's tit here!

Beth Waltz said...

Witches britches?! Actually, they look quite wearable since so few clothing manufacturers line slacks now. And made in N.Z.! There's a unique souvenir to cart home!

The macro lens has already earned its price, Sue. This morning you've given us an eye to eye with a chicken, a fish-eye view of a soaked bug, and smoke swirling from a dragon's nostrils. This is fun!

Vix said...

Wow! That new camera is the business. I've just gone through the posts I've missed and there's some amazing images.
Those Witches Britches are ace. Love the packaging.
Fab new hair.
So sorry to hear about dear old Tex. xxx

Curtise said...

LOVE the Witches Britches - the originals and yours!
I don't manage well in high heat either, so I hope you're finding a way to keep cool-ish. Your close-up photos are simply stunning, I love them. And the smoking dragon and wee German chap are brilliant! xxx

freckleface said...

Witches britches? Love 'em. Such a funny name, great idea. Reminds me of New Romantics in the 1980s. Your pool sounds like total heaven. We've had quite a mild winter, so I've already started to think of spring and summer and an outdoor pool for dunking in the heat sounds sweet! Xxx