Sunday, 4 September 2016

Wake up every morning and remind yourself how great it is to be alive.

Do you sweat the small stuff?  I used to, but as I have got older I have found that those things that are not in my control are not my things to worry about.  Things like the weather, bad shit around the world, and other people.  I only worry about me and mine, as in my little family, my close friends and those things I love.  How about you, what do you concern yourself with?  I think life is too short to get bent out of shape over things we cannot change, people we cannot change.  Selfish maybe, maybe not. I love a simple uncomplicated existence, I do not wish for anything more than to be happy and healthy.  My joys are are free, most seen usually through the lens of my camera.

This gorgeous little Church would make the most divine home on say an acre of land.  That would be a dream come true for me.  With a barn to house a house cow, my chickens, and a few other animals. My idea of bliss.

How glad am I that dreams  are free!!

This little Church is still in use you see so not likely to be up for grabs to be moved to that bit of dirt anytime soon.  But I can dream can't I? 

Of course this is only one of my many dreams.  There is of course World Peace and all that sort of stuff!!  Unlikely to ever happen but again, thankfully dreams are still free.
Baby lambs give me the warm fuzzies.  'Tis a sign that the good weather is approaching, apparently we are now in Spring!!! Bring it on I say.

The sun shone for a day or two,
I love the feeling of the sun on my face.

Big decided to drink from the girls bowl, he was mighty surprised when they joined him for a drink.  He isn't interested in them and they are not bothered by him.
Be it a Gerbera, a Haliabore, or Daisies on my lawn, all are worthy of being photographed and admired. 
My Creepers are nearly meeting in the middle above the swing seat.  It won't be too long now before the cushions come out and many pleasurable times will be spent enjoying outside in the garden. Remember the invitation to join me is an open one, no appointment needed.

My garden is coming alive, waking up and bursting into colour, the bees are getting busy and the girls are back laying.  What more could I want. 
Everyone should own chickens,
they are by far the best fun ever.

I cannot image not having any pets in my home.

 Especially a BIG smug cat!!

I had lots of catch up moments with some of my lovely friends of late.  There has been a lunch date, an afternoon/evening cuppa and a visit to a friend who was not well.  I took her Lemons and flowers from my garden.

Although Dawn was full of a head cold she was still busy in her studio.  These gorgeous treasures are a mix of Commission pieces and things to be sold, all still to be finished, but all looking amazing.

When taking photos of things she wanted to sell a skeleton leaf fell out of one of the pots.  Aren't skeleton leaves just the best!! Just how a Fairy Wing would look in my imagination but with colours.

My candle pot was ready to come home (I made this myself) so home it came.

I also came home with two large boxes of Pottery to be delivered to a Gallery in Raglan, 1. because Dawn was unwell and 2. I badly wanted to go to the beach.  So to the beach I went, and I took the Heir with me.

We grabbed a coffee and some lunch and headed to the beach. It was so good to sit in the sea breeze that was growing stronger all the time.  The weather was trying hard to brew something up.  Blue skies one way and dull stuff the other, both beautiful.

As the wind picked up the waves in the harbour started to chop up.  A lone Kingfisher sat on a rock in the low tide and we both were happy to see the Redness of a Pohutukawa flower, a sign of the good things to come.  With a trip to the wharf and a few of my favourite shops getting called into, we then embarked on the drive home.

How lucky am I at TOF and the lads do not mind stopping for me to take a photo of something that has caught my eye out the window of the moving car.  Like a fence lined in Daffodils.  Such a sight always reminds me of that poem by Wordsworth I read and loved when in my last year at school.  "I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud" ~ William Wordsworth ~ Read by Siân Phillips

Back home in the garden where you all know I love to spend my time, I noticed loads of Purple.

I found a Spider going about it's business so I left it to it's business.

I also noticed the return of Flies!!  Bugger!!  Well you have to take the good with that bad don't you.  I do wonder what the importance of flies is in the grand scheme of things tho.  Forget the flies and feast your eyes on the flowering Spring bulbs.  Freesias and Blue bells with Tulips not far behind.  Then I saw that my Poppies and Sweet Peas have self seeded much to my joy.

What doesn't bring my joy is TOFs new toy.  He knows that he is not allowed to go near my big trees or there will be BIG trouble.  This will make keeping his fruit trees trimmed nicely and I will be able to mulch the branches so all will be good unless he gets near my trees.

The trees are important for the birds, the bees, the butterflies and the bugs.  KEEP AWAY FROM THE TREES TOF!!!  Or the Mantis will get you once I have dealt to you.

Today was/is Fathers Day.  The lads showered TOF with gifts.  Ok maybe not showered him but the both turned up with Fishing Mags, lollies and vouchers, the stuff you give your Dad on Fathers Day.

TOF had been given two free tickets to a Rugby game happening today.  The Spare was supposed to be going but ended up changing his mind.  The Heir wasn't keen on going so it was left to me.  I love watching a good game of rugby but I do prefer to know someone playing.  Does it count if one of the players was a school friend of the Spares?  Or if the guy kicking the goals for our team is cute and I have seen him on TV?

Well I took my camera so I had something to do, and our team, Waikato won so all was good in the world of rugby for all the dads and sons that went to the game.

PHEW!!  What a good wifey I was by going in the rain and the cold.

Before I go,

I found this and thought it was worth sharing as I fully subscribe to it all.
And then there is this one.

And a bathroom selfie!

In my PJ's faffing about with my hair as you do when you have had a shower, then I thought stuff it, a bathroom selfie, and lets make it black and white.  So not as glamouress as you might think. All in the confined spaces of my tiny bathroom with my zig zag shower curtain behind me, SUCH STYLE!


Fiona said...

Glad to see the chooks and puss are good mates, I do miss my Prue and I'd love chooks but my garden is tiny and I don't think the neighbours would be best pleased. You can keep the spiders...I've just been around with the hoover, sucking up all the dead ones. Love your candle holder. x

Polyester Princess said...

You are right about life being too short, which my dad' recent passing away has emphasized again. Lambs are the cutest and indeed one of the first signs of spring. I'm loving the skeleton leave photo, all delicate and lacy. I'm not so sure about the spiders though ;-) xxx

Serenata said...

Just love your posts, always so interesting, full of fun stuff and colour.

Blobs! I Missed Fathers Day! I hate that is is different here to NZ - how flippin inconvenient! Oh well, I did phone Dad a couple of days ago to tell him I have my trip for next year booked.

Goody said...

I mentioned to Mr. ETB that TOF got a chainsaw and he replied,
"I don't need a chainsaw because I'm getting a flamethrower."
I should probably be worried.

I love your bathroom selfie, and your shower curtain is fab. Black and white does look so dramatic and glam.

That was a lovely row of daffodils-I'd stop the car too! Here's to a wonderful spring-I've missed your garden and swing.

Mim said...

Thank you for sharing your spring! We're now entering autumn here and it is SO WET AND DREARY already. I cannot be doing with it. It's going to be a long time till March, so a bit of springtime from your side of the world is most welcome.

Hooray for free dreams. If I had to pay for all of mine, I'd be broke!

freckleface said...

Dreams are what keep us going I reckon. I am rather partial to a game of rugby, whoever is playing, but a cute man makes it even better. I love your bathroom selfie. Very glam. On a random Tuesday night before bedtime is when my hair generally looks its best. You're obviously the same. I get a bit bogged down by all the horrible stuff that happens. I really feel for people. But you have to be able to switch off or else it's burnout time. I once had a group of friends who went on and on about how people who take lots of photos are unable to enjoy the now. Haven't seen them in a while :D xxx

Julie said...

Just playing catch up Sue - another great post. I too would totally LoVe to live in a church ... well a church made into a house that is. Your garden is looking pretty already ... mine is a little late starting this year !! Have a great week Sue.

Vix said...

I love that the cat and chickens get along well. With the family of foxes in our garden we'd have nothing but a heap of feathers if we every entertained keeping hens.
Loving that blue dress on you and your boundless optimism. xxx