Sunday, 11 September 2016

Are you looking for a sign?

Did you think I have given up on my usual rounds of the local op shops.  Well I haven't I have just been busy with other things.  Then some days it just rains and I think, stuff it, and head home for the comfort of the great indoors.  But I managed to squeeze a visit into a couple while out doing things. At this time of the year it is slim pickings, or am I getting fussy? Or have I got enough stuff? NEVER!!  Soon people will be doing the change of season wardrobe change over so the shops will be full to overloading with treats.

But make it soon please.

I found a pile of HELLO magazines which have been read from cover to cover over the weekend and are going back to Habitat on Monday to be sold again.  Mr 4 square is an iconic kiwi thing and this little tin will be good for storing things in, what things you ask? THINGS ok!  Nice big Blue clay pot for a shrub I have bought but don't know where I want it in my garden, so potted it will become until I decide.  Of course a Chicken themed linen tea towel, because, because.

Now I am fully aware I have no little people in my life but this gorgeous little hand knitted cardigan begged me to take it home for fear of some young mum throwing it in the washing machine on a hot wash!

Big took a fancy to drinking from the loo even though we have numerous bowls of fresh water on offer.  We now have a lid down policy in place.  TOF was worried Big might fall in and drown!!  Not a chance, Big is to clever for such things.

The Heir is having a month of work at the moment and we ended up having lunch in the car as it was raining, down at the lake.  The cheeky Sparrows were more than happy to eat food from my hand.  Mother duck was having fun keeping her young in line and the lame duck above managed to get around without me worrying.

Apart from the day being wet, it was bloody cold and extremely windy.  There were waves on the lake and the trees were getting battered.

Needless to say there were not many people out walking around the lake that day.

Meanwhile later in the week Big decided the Bird Bath was the perfect drinking place.  He walked across the Buxus hedge and balanced like a pro on the edge of the Bird Bath.

Unfortunately I can not put in place a lid down policy outside, so the BB has been cleaned and refilled.  Big will probably not drink it again.

Little injection of colour.

I found little Ms Autumn nesting in a box planter.  She make one hell of a fuss when you try to move her, sort of like a mini tantrum, melt down, call it what you want but she don't win.  I was rewarded with an egg, to go with all the others as the girls have got their egg production up and running again.

Big has no idea while we are all fussing over his choice of drinking bowls, he has that 'take a chill pill' look about him don't you think.

OMG we have the mother load of Lemons!!

A new to me dress bought off Trade Me.  I do love the hot pink and chartreuse green combo.

The Spare and I took the dogs for a River side walk on a lovely sunny afternoon.  Thankfully Oscar took a discreet comfort stop under some flax as I forgot the poo bags!

We followed the winding cobbled paths and took the odd cross country wander under big old pine trees.   The dogs love it, and so did I.
Skeleton leaves in the wild!!

A huge old Pine tree had fallen over and I reckon it would have gone all the way down to the river. 
Me and the Spare, just like TOF in photos, he is smiling on the inside.  Some of the houses on the River bank are lovely.  We saw one that had part of it's yard slipped away.

Sheba finally realised that the River was water when we got closer to it.  Poor Spare got pulled down to the edge where Sheba proceeded to dive in!!

Thankfully she found a spot that was easily accessible for dogs and humans.  She had a grand old time. 

With the day being warm she was all but dry by the time we got back to the car, PHEW!!  But she still stunk.

Note to self, next time take a towel for the dog.
There was a swing in this big old tree, tempted as I was to give it a go, I decided breaking a branch and ending up in the Waikato River was not really my idea of fun.

So nice to see a large flowering Kowhai tree among all the greenery.  But the colourful shrooms are what caught my eye.

I was trying to get a photo my retro Kiwiana Duffle bag I bought off Trade Me but my first attempt only got my hair!!  It is red vinyl and colourful linen.  Perfect for my drink bottle etc.

 I wonder who or what lives in that tree?

So have you been looking for a sign?

Maybe it is one of these!!


Vix said...

Cats, you've got to love them! Ours drink from the pond and eat scraps left out for the foxes, anyone would think we neglected them.
Loving that duffel bag and your stroll around the lake, the scenery is just lovely. Shame about the stinky dog. xxx

Leeanne said...

Simon wanted to say to Mr Big that he has taken the odd drink from the toilet bowl too!
Thanks for the sign..................I can now stop for lunch!

Goody said...

You need one of those baby latches they make for the toilet to keep big out!

I'd sort of lost my shopping mojo for a while too. Glad yours is coming back (I really like that new dress).

Mim said...

Big clearly likes his water with added flavour. Dread to think what flavour 'toilet' is, though!

No kisses for him for a while ;-)

Beth Waltz said...

Methinks Big is a connoisseur of waters, rather than teas or wines. As in, "...bit of late leaf, soupcon of feather here", and "...just a taste of mold, nicely balances the tang of clay", and "...shall drink from the loo, just to hear her yelp." Cats is cats, bless 'em!

Polyester Princess said...

Great op-shop finds, and of course one never has enough stuff, nor tins to put stuff in ;-) Pink and chartreuse is a great colour combo. Wonderful nature and animal pictures as usual. I love Mr. Big's drinking choices! Our cat has been drinking from the bird bath as well, and she loves licking rain drops from leaves. We always say she prefers "found" water. xxx

Fiona said...

Love that little cardi...are you going to save it for any future grandkids? Why do cats drink from the loo? My Prue did that occasionally, she also jumped into the bath (empty) and waited for me to turn on the tap so she could lap it up. The spare is a chip off the old block I reckon. x

Julie said...

Love all your op shop purchases Sue. Love Mr Big prancing round the toilet bowl ... Miss Pippi used to do that when small & frequently fell in. We had to take to leaving the lid down too. I still come in sometimes to a few muddy paw prints in the bowl !! I have serious lemon tree envy :-)

freckleface said...

Cats make me laugh. The things they get up to. My boy used to do the same as Fiona's cat; get in the bath and beg for running water. The bowl is the last resort! Glad you are getting out and about and enjoying the great outdoors. I've hardly been shopping in months. I actually think I do have enough stuff! Shhhhush, don't tell anyone. Xxx

Curtise said...

It's lovely to come back to such a typically chatty Sue post and see you out and about, in the garden, and op shopping!
Big is a beauty - love a tabby - and it's good to know my cats aren't the only ones who ignore their water bowls but take advantage of the loo, the bird bath, buckets and puddles when they want a drink... Daft buggers! xx

BeeLena said...

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