Sunday, 25 September 2016

How time flies when you are busy making memories

Once more I find myself loosing time and not getting around to blogging.  Luckily for me you lot that I take photos, this way we all know what I have been doing and where I have been!!

We are currently in SPRING and because of this season our weather is all over the place.  Now daylight savings has kicked in so our time is all over the place too.  (I must alter the clocks to the correct time.)  So where have I been and what have I been doing you may well ask.  There have been outings a plenty of course with some work as well.

There was a visit out to 'Webberville' to catch up with Sue and meet her newest member of the family, the dearest little pooch called Ava.  I had a big felt Cock to deliver that is mine, that has been living at the Beach for a couple of years and now it is going to give Farm life a crack.  I took flowers from my garden as I finally have flowers back growing!!

As always a wander around the 'Estate' happened, I so enjoy the sights and sound of all that is Country.

After a cuppa and an overdue catch up I was back on the road for home, but there were two little stop overs to be had.

First was by the crumbling barn that continues to disobey and stills stand, but for how much longer who knows.  Second and last stop was to get a photo of the bovine above.  Every time I drive past the paddock that is home to this and a few others I tell myself how I should stop, SO I DID!

There was a visit to Dawns place.  The Beehive Letterbox just needs a pole and hill homes on macrame jute adorn the studio walls.  The little dishes got sent home with me.

We moved the Piano from the Studio to under the stairs to be used as a book shelf and it looks pretty awesome, just like the view from the kitchen window!

The rain has been an off an on visitor of late, but welcome to help my garden to continue it's growing.  Everything is flourishing!

The bees are returning to the garden, and if you want to know how old our Peach tree is, COUNT the rings.

Summer fruit is in blossom, Plums and Peaches!

And how the return of colour warms my heart.

Even the girls are happy and back laying.

 Mr Big continues to amuse me.
He is my constant companion competing with the dogs.

The Bird Bath is his drinking bowl.
My little camera is waterproof so under water it went and now we all know what the bird bath sees when Big is having a refreshments break.

He had an afternoon on fresh Cat Nip,
and liked it!!

Just proving he is really a wild cat!!

Oh look at my Lavenders, don't you love the colours.

Potted colour.

With the rain and the Spring warmth the Fungi has returned.

A Daff in the bird bath got photographed from above and below.

 Over the last few weeks I have had some successes in the op shops!

Me and TOF got ourselves a new to us bed base, an American Sleigh Bed.  The dogs think it is great.  It is so high and super comfy. Our old bed was a futon, super close to the ground but our old knees just found it too low to get in and out of, hence the update.

When the sun turned up the sky was so blue and everything looked stunning.  Amazing how a day like that makes life feel perfect.
My most favourite thing I have done of late was take photos for my friend Robyn, she is on the right.  This is five generations of women in her family ranging from her grand daughter at 5 weeks old to her own grandmother (nursing the bub) at 105!!  It was an absolute honor to be involved in this get together of lovely women. Let me just say what an independent woman her granny is, and amazing for her years.

But it was the youngest member that totally stole my heart,
she was just TUTU cute!!!

Some parting words:


 Hopefully I will see you all again soon,
cannot promise, but I will try.


Goody said...

Enjoy your beautiful new bed-I can't imagine pulling myself off a futon every morning either. I have a sleigh bed, and can tell you the sheets and blankets stay in place better than with any other sort of bed I've owned. You can still use a proper bedspread, but have to tuck it in tightly at the bottom. The advantage is a quicker making of the bed in the morning as you just pull everything forward.

The shops gave you some great finds-I particularly like that red velvety jacket.

Enjoy spring-the nature in your garden certainly appears to be.

freckleface said...

When you get past forty, a good bed is one of the most important things in life!! Cor, I can see where Mr Big gets his name from in these photos. He's like a little tiger, beautiful creature! How lovely to have him for a shadow. And how wonderful that it is spring. I have to confess to being slightly

Leeanne said...

The the sayings! Please keep your fabulous photo's coming, I really enjoy them.

Mim said...

That is an excellent new bed! It looks so comfy.

Keep sending the flower photos our way; it's miserable up here in the northern hemisphere and all that spring colour is very welcome. You have a gorgeous camellia there.

Polyester Princess said...

Altering the clocks is always a dreaded task, but harder still is altering your biological clock! We're doing it the other way around soon, with autumn coming up. Hard to imagine that it is spring somewhere else! Love the farm & garden photos, and Mr. Big, of course. Isn't he just the cutest ... Oh, and that beehive letterbox is just divine! xxx

Raewyn said...

Beautiful post Sue - I love seeing all your photos and your commentary on them!

Beth Waltz said...

Exquisite flowers! However, I'm enchanted by the fungi and are those lichen blooming on the porch railings? This post is lacking only a musical background by Vivaldi, mixed with clucking, mooing and meows, and a soft 'woof' or two. Your urban yard and trips to the country combine the best of both worlds.

The sleigh bed will suit you both very well, but if anything turns up missing be sure to check down around the end boards. These things like to collect socks.

Julie said...

Wonderful post Sue ... filled with your gorgeous photos. Mr Big is just amazing .. I am so in love with him & his chilled out attitude. He just takes life at his own pace. He would get on great with Blackie :-)

Alexa said...

L.O.V.E. ...
The blog, the photos .
What colour and combinations. Indeed spring has sprung and with it the joy of colour. My garden too has sprung alive.
Love your Lavender. It is a favourite if mine too.
I'm glad I stumbled on to your blog, starting at Outback Tania and moving on from favourites to others.
Alexa-asimplelife visiting from Sydney, Australia

Vix said...

That's a fab bed and more or less indestructible for cats (unlike our velvet covered corbielle). Mr Big is so handsome and clearly adores you. x