Monday, 3 October 2016

You only live once....

I am a firm believer in doing things that bring you pleasure, and mine pleasures are simple.  My garden and my camera are at the top of my pleasure list.  I also like spending time with people I enjoy being with and luckily for me there are plenty of those sort of people. What gives you pleasure?

At the beginning of last week the Heir and I took our dogs to the 'Dog Park'.  It is like taking small children to a play ground.  They run free and make friends!! Such a great place and it is all about the dogs.

When we arrived we almost had the park to ourselves, all that wide open space for our dogs to go wild in.  By the time we left, the park was full of children and dogs as school holidays are currently on.

Oscar prefers to sniff and pee on every tree and then roll in unmentionables.  But Sheba just runs after any stick or ball that happens to be thrown.

We walked along the river bank and off course a certain large black dog somehow found her way into the river.  Well she is a water dog.

Large trees, wide open grassed spaces, river side tracks, and plenty of dog friends to be made. A perfect time and place for our dogs, and I loved being outside in some sunshine.

Two incredibly smelly dirty dogs then had a visit to the Dog wash to restore them both back to their beautiful selves.

We arrived home and disturbed someones SLEEP!!

The girls are laying daily at the moment, obviously taking turns, but we are averaging 4 eggs a day.  Some look eye watering big.

Check out my FREE STUFF!!  A good friend of mine thought off me when friends of hers were getting rid of the above garden stuff.  Such a score and I feel pretty lucky to be thought of, and it was all delivered.  Does it get any better than that??

 Not Free but a welcome new to me purchase, a Hall Table.  Never owned a Hall Table, does this mean I am growing up?
Photos of Big because I know you all love him as much as I do.

The blossom on our fruit trees has taken a pounding from all the wind and rain we seem to have been getting, but I am pretty sure we will still get the fruit later.

Things are moving in the garden, and I am amused how the Nasturtiums have managed to grow through a garden chair.

Old Dorothy aka Mrs Wickham has gone all clucky and sitting on all the eggs keeping them warm for me.  She gets pretty pissy when I take them.

My Lavender line up!

Just look at all that Purple and Yellow.

Sheba doesn't know that she is a big dog and not a lap dog, and she loves the Heir so much.

The Fungi keeps popping up in the Chicken Coop.

Second hand shopping success last week.  A top and skirt for $3.50 each, the plant was $7, but my MONKEY, well he was $10 and so darn gorgeous and quite old.  He is a childhood memory for me as my good friend had a big version and I loved her Monkey.

 A quick visit to the Potter found Shadow Boxes fresh from her kiln.

More Shroooooms!!

And some Wishes.

On a very dull day indeed, last Sunday TOF and I got busy in the garden.  We put the garden Arches into position, they just need to be dug into the ground.  We have exposed the path and edged it with branches.

The other Arch leads into what will one day seem like a secret garden.  I hope to get more plants along the edge to grow tall and plant a creeper to creep on the arch.

The once were Pink but now are White Flamingos took flight and have taken up residence in the recycled tyre pot.  Meanwhile Big was practicing his wild tiger moves outside.

Even though the day was dull, everything looked stunning through my macro lens. I am totally enjoying all the glorious colour and the return of the bees.

 I would say everything is coming up Roses but I don't grow them!

Spring is all about strategic dressing at the moment, layers of light weight stuff that are easily removed and put back on again.  The forecast is for more of the WET stuff but mild temperatures, OH JOY!!  At least all the rain is good for the garden.

True, but I have always had a feeling I have been here before, and I hope I get to come back again!!! Obviously I am not doing it right!!

Enjoy your week!!



Leeanne said...

Magic photo's! I get the feeling Mr Big isn't a big fan of that camera of yours being waved in his direction? A family friend had a monkey just like that that his name was Charlie..........I shall find a photo of him and send it to you.

Fiona said...

That monkey is a blast from the past. I never had one but remember them so well. Lovely to see your garden in spring with so much colour.

Beth Waltz said...

How nice you look in that firey orange with the bright green trim, Sue! Your hall table is another essay in blending colors -- the Buddha and the vase, with the Chinese figure and the vase, ta dah!

My mother always admonished me "not to shop" in other peoples' homes; however, I'd find it impossible not to browse in yours! The ornaments with stories, the animals to pet, the chickens to inspect, the garden alone would keep me sketching for hours. I love 'srooms, fungi and lichen!

No one deserves more a grand gift of garden goodies than you, Sue. We'll look forward to seeing them installed this NZ summer.

Serenata said...

Fabulous photos and fun. I have to say I absolutely LOVE your monkey!

Poppy Q said...

Nice to see all the blooming flowers at the moment and the park is quite lovely, very green and lush.

Polyester Princess said...

I love reading your posts and seeing what you've been up to through your camera lens. What would we be without our cameras? Taking photographs is one of my greatest pleasures and it brings together all my other interests. I love it that it's spring where you are, while we are being plunged into autumn. xxx

Julie said...

Gorgeous post filled with scrummy things Sue ... Mr Big reminds me of Blackie with that look on his face "for Gods sake, has she got that camera poked in my face AGAIN???!" If that tall hypertufa pot on a stand filled with succulents goes missing ... it may well be at my house !!! LoVe all your new acquisitions.

Goody said...

I have a similar monkey named, Zippy. He has a yellow shirt and red dungarees-I'll have to unpack him for a photo if I can find him.

Know what's strange? I have nasturtiums blooming right now as well. *Spooky music*

I'm so excited to see your garden coming to life, and yes, a hall table means you're a grown up now (Shhh, I won't tell anyone).

Have a great week.

Vix said...

Fungi, felines and fab outfits, what could be better?
What makes me happy? The company of cats and good people, sunshine and travel plans! xxx

Nancy J said...

Loved the walk through your garden, riots of colour. I posted your seeds yesterday!! Guess you thought I had forgotten, not so, just waited till spring arrived at your place. Down here, COLD, fire is lit for the 4th day in a row, rain and wind, kowhai blossom has all blown away as it does almost every year. Free garden goodies, they are the best.