Saturday, 12 May 2018

Instead of regretting the past, create the future.

It is all about letting go of those things you cannot change and looking ahead to any opportunity to live a happy good life.  With TOF well on the road to full recovery my life is getting back to my sort of normal.  That lovely balance of part time work and the rest is made up on a daily basis of scheduled things and quite a bit of winging it!!!

The new thing around at the moment seems to be Mindfulness.  I think I have been practicing this for a few years now and not actually knowing it, mostly out in my garden. Who knew? Not me that is for sure.

I managed to get a pre Winter pruning session in with the ever present assistant of mine making sure I was on task.

This Mantis crawled out of the bin so I moved it to a safer part of the garden.

TOF despises my tall trees that shed leaves daily, so I have been the 'good wife' and daily rake them up leaving a lovely clear lawn.

But it's not all work and gardening for me.  Over the last couple of months I have managed to slip into the odd op shop on my way home and been pleasantly rewarded with STUFF!!  Once TOF is back at work those Op shops will be back on regular visits

I was a Mall Whore the other day and went to one with Sue W who was in town.  I found this wicked sheer embroidered over dress in a Sale and I love it.  Not everything I buy is second hand, just most!

As most things in the garden are packing up for Winter the odd burst of floral colour is still coming through.  Those crazy animals of mine are spending as much time out doors with me while we are still getting mild days, we all know it will not last.

Speaking of Crazy pets, half my flock, lead by Mrs Wickham (above right), think sleeping in the trees at night instead of two beautiful warm coops is the deal.  I give it another month and the tree dwellers will retreat as those temperatures will drop at night.

I removed the tall plants that had finished doing their thing in the 'Flower Bed' and decided to add colour by moving my pottery garden art around.

I have found myself rescuing insects from the ground like this Monarch that Toebee had played with.  Thankfully there are numerous higher safer spots for them to be moved to.

Safer from Toebee,
although he is always on the look
for something else
to play with!

I celebrated another over 50 and getting closer to 60 birthday mid week and had a really lovely day.  The lads at work made me a sign because that is what Sign Writers do best!!  They got to enjoy a Banana and white chocolate cake I made them and an entire batch of Russian Fudge that TOF made.  At work the birthday person does a morning tea shout.

Before I leave you all, this is the current positions held by the furry ones.  They are either spread out on the floor in front of the heater or snuggled up on the couch with or near me. You are never ever alone when you have pets that is for sure.

 So get out there
create the future.


Nancy J said...

Love the garden, the helper, and the news that TOF is progressing well.I hope you are taking care of yourself, that shows by the op shop visits and the NEW outfit,That is so gorgeous. Yes, winter is getting here way too fast, all our cats hog the carpet by the fire, jostling for first place. The new guy was right on the hearth the other day, fluffy tail sweeping the glass on the door!!!So now we stack wood there, to deter him from danger.

Natural Medley said...

I always love hearing about my second home NZ, and how the weather is.
I am envious of your pottery garden art. Maybe I need to source some, however my gardening skills don't produce cute things to display them near.
Your animals look like mine...displayed spreadeagled on the carpet.
This morning our cat is sleepng on the fire curled around the chimney! I think the fire has died down :-)
xo Jazzy Jack

chris. said...

Hi Sue, hmmm mild weather, we just got a reminder that Winter is coming, with a blast from Antartica brrrr. Great finds at the op shops, and love your new dress. Hope you had a great birthday. Chris xoxoxo.

Leeanne said...

Great photo's and words of wisdom from the birthday girl!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Love those rose gold polka dot shoes!
The garden looks lovely & your helpers look happy!

Poppy Q said...

Happy Belated Birthday Miss Sue - looks like you had a lovely time. Good on you for cleaning up the garden. The temperatures have been nice, but it is dropping here tonight. Heaters are on, and Miss Pops is curled up on her own little heating pad in her bed.

Julie said...

Belated Birthday Wishes Sue. How wonderful! Love your garden art & your four legged helpers. Wishing you a great week Xx

Polyester Princess said...

Too right you are! Loving your Op Shop find, especially the ceramic brooches (I guess that's what they are, as I have similar ones) and that beautiful green vase! I always love seeing your "helper"'s antics as well! xxx

Vix said...

What a joyful post, Sue!
I love your new dress and the spotty shoes and the pets and flowers and everything! xxx

Mim said...

Happy belated birthday! It's good to hear TOF is getting better, and that the Op Shop Gods are smiling on you.

Goody said...

Happy Birthday!