Sunday, 13 May 2018

What made me happy this week - 19/52

Crikey a Birthday and Mothers Day all in one week,
that is a double bubble amount of happiness!

Eye Spy so many things that make me happy in the garden every day, the return of the bees, Fungi looking like a village, and those stunning coloured leaves that are falling off the trees.

As a mum to two beautiful young men I am also mum to all those pets of mine.  Dear old Joan enjoyed a moment with me today.  I have a feeling she is not going to be with us for much longer, so I took the time to have cuddles and she just about nodded off in my arms in a slither of sunlight popping through the trees.

Speaking of those beautiful sons of mine, today I went to a Cat Show with their gorgeous girlfriends, we all LOVE CATS!!!  I really love the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cats, both huge and fabulous.

A lady I know was there showing her beautiful boy Murphy, a Norwegian Forest Cat, I am pretty sure he scored himself a third. Of course there were still the razzle dazzle decorated cages with fluffy cats reclined on satin beds!!

 "BEE Happy this week"



Polyester Princess said...

Happy Mother's Day and Birthday! I bet you were quite spoiled this week. Love the village of fungi! xxx

Nancy J said...

Happy Mum's Day to you too. Lovely to see garden goodies,all cats doing well, at home and away. A cat show, just as well not one is for sale??? Our latest stray that arrived at the end of February, think he also has part Norwegian Forest somewhere, that start of a ruff, and what I call " Tufties between his fingernails"!!!

chris. said...

wow lots of great cats!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Oooo fancy cats & falling leaves!
Weird people rock!

Kiwionholidays said...

Lovely happy pics as usual ,,,and happy your home is getting back to a normal routine now TOF is well on the mend

Those animals sure know you care for them can sense it before you go near them Good for you more warm cuddles lol

Love the blog Thanks so much for sharing

Mim said...

Oooh, cat show! I would want to take them all home. I can see why that would make you happy.

Goody said...

Happy Mother's Day and Birthday (belated). I love cats too, but being allergic just thinking about a cat show made me itch!