Sunday, 20 May 2018

What made me happy this week - 20/52


I love watching pretty much anything Royal on the TV so I was quite excited about the nuptials of our Harry and the lovely American Megan. I knew it wouldn't be a typical Royal Wedding and I wasn't disappointed.

I made sure my Tiara still fitted and I dragged out all my Pearls!!  

Like most females the dilemma of Tiara or Hat,
Tiara or Hat?
(worn with slippers of course)

TOF buggered off to bed so these were my viewing companions, and they either left the room or fell asleep, it is so hard to get good company for such events!

So with the very best seat in the house (as somehow my invite didn't arrive in time) I settled in for the SHOW!

Once the pre chat things had ended Megan left the hotel with her mother in a posh English car for the 30minute drive to the venue, where Harry and Wils were patiently waiting.

The weather was outstanding and the venue Windsor was magical.

Queen Liz and Phillip were the last Royals to arrive before the bridal party and Liz looked stunning.

And that bridal party was just so adorable. I would have been a Bridesmaid but apparently 10 small children are easier to handle than me!!!

"Here comes the bride.......not fair fat or wide,
but GORGEOUS!!!"

I think it was a lovely mix of Traditional Royal and Traditional, the American Preacher got slightly wound up and caused some looks in the crowd but it was great. Both choirs were amazing.....the list goes on.

There was a mix of British and American Celebs,
even one of Harry's ex girlfriends was there?

When it was all done and dusted the happy couple walked out into the sunshine and had a quick snog on the steps!!

Then it was time for the long horse drawn carriage ride past all the adoring fans (Queens royal subjects) to the after do.

We all know that the Brits do Pomp and Ceremony the best, it looks so well organised but, "user friendly", although I did see Police with big GUNS.  I guess these days you have to be prepared for anything or anyone.

The Reception would have been positively Grand but I bet the "After Do" would have been FANTASTIC, with some very sore heads this morning!!

A Funny to end on:

Too soon??



Julie said...

I enjoyed it too Sue as like you ... I love a royal wedding! But I kept nodding off on the couch beside Miss Pippi who was wearing her pearls. So I watched the highlights this afternoon to catch up on what I missed. LoVed it all.

Nancy J said...

Yes, yes and YES to all your words,I think we saw more on TV than anyone there. Regal, stately, a dress out of this world with the veil train, and the little ones, the planners would be nighty proud of the way it went so well. We just managed to keep they eyes open till TVNZ stopped at 1 a.m. Love your choices for headwear.

Leeanne said...

I didn't watch it, but saw enough here and there to do me. Old Queenie does look fabulous!

chris. said...

yes we watched it to, not much else to watch on a saturday night when just about every channel over here had it on. Yes the old girl look well for her age, but I want to see a King before I die. Was so hoping Harry would shave, but nope, not happening. Wasn't little Charlotte adorable.

Bibi Maizoon said...

I completely forgot & missed the broadcast of the wedding! So glad you posted the highligts! When choosing between a tiara or a hat why not just wear both? Never enough glam! ;)

Mim said...

Big looks like he wants to keep his tiara - that side-eye is saying, "Just you try to take this off me!"

Meghan really lucked out on the tiara front; that's one of the nicest in the vaults, and one no-one expected. I'm guessing that'll be her long-term loaner for future events.

Natural Medley said...

Gorgeous pearls! Your pets look so good dressed up.
We watched it here at a slightly earlier time. I loved introducing my kids to the royals.
I agree with all your highlights. The kids were just adorable!
xo Jazzy Jack

Beth Waltz said...

We watched here, too, wearing pearls, drinking tea and giggling when the Right Reverend's enthusiasm startled the C of E congregation. (Believe me, those extemporaneous remarks were extremely subdued for a happy occasion and a friendly crowd.) Me, I was delighted to see HRM displaying her grannie's brooch and to see HRH slide out of the car and walk beside her unaided. They are indeed representative of The Greatest Generation.

Goody said...

I was happy to see the wedding went down without the bride's relatives ruining it for her.