Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Week 42/52 - A long Weekend for all!!

Yeah yeah I know, every weekend is a long one for me, but last weekend was one of those public holiday on Monday kind of weekends.  Mine started on Friday as per usual.  With a very early start to my day!  5:00am to be exact.

I was on a delivery mission for my youngest son and his gorgeous girlfriend as they were on a 6:30am flight out of Hamilton to Wellington.  We got to the airport @ about 6 so there was time to get a coffee.  They then went off to board so I sat and watched the sky lighten up, watch their plane, and witness the beginning of a glorious sunshine filled day.

They humoured me with a pre requested wave as they walked the tarmac to the plane.  I sat and watched the plane get a shower before it left, always best to travel fresh I guess!!!   Home for breakfast and then off out to check out the op shops in Cambridge.

TOF arrived home early that afternoon so I convinced him suggested we take the dogs out to Raglan for a run on the sand and a swim in the ocean.  He caved in agreed and off we went. 

It was so lovely and uncrowded, we knew it would not be like that over the weekend.  Pretty sure the big cities empty out and they all head to a coastal spot. Why not!!

Wet, sandy and some what whiffy dogs got loaded into the back seat. Oscar in his travel bag, works well too. We went and got ourselves a Kiwi takeaway for our dinner which we ate at a picnic table harbour side.

I packed a thermos so we could have a hot drink, good way to wash the grease down after a feed of fish n chips!!  The sun started to go down so we headed for home, with a stream of traffic all coming towards us.

Saturday TOF went off fishing with a friend of ours and I went out for a KITTEN FIX!!!  OMG they are adorable, and their mum is one sweetheart of a cat.

Too cute!!!

Another weekend of gorgeous weather had me dining outside.  I was joined by a snail at one point which I moved to a safer position.

Big was the next guest to join me and thought sitting on the newspaper I was trying to read was perfect!  It wasn't long before Toebee arrived. Some cat talk took place and Big decided it was time to leave.

And Toebee then decided to bury his way under my newspaper!!

Long Weekend brings SALES in the shops.  So I went and purchased a new umbrella for outside. My old canvas market one was getting long in the tooth but it is getting re homed not dumped.  This one is easier for me to put up and down which is a bonus with my arthritic hands.  I even upgraded my phone and was delighted to find the camera on it is very good.

My big camera is in dire need of a service/clean
so this will be a handy replacement while it is away.

Some more nasty plastic has been replaced.  I have changed to WOODEN pegs, they work fine, and they look beautiful in my old cane basket.

I was having trouble sleeping so I slept in the guest room, with all the pets!!  Big isn't crazy on sharing me but managed for a wee while.

I have been hanging and drying flowers etc in the guest room, hanging them off the curtain rail.  I found a gorgeous old ladder in Morrinsville on Saturday that I want to suspend from the ceiling to hang them all on.  As you can see I have quite the collection.

My work mate gave me more willow so I have half a dozen small wreathes drying.  This one was dry enough to have a play with, adding some of my dried foliage and flowers.  I'm pretty tickled, and the friend that I gave it to today for her birthday loves it. Win win I'de say. You know what this means now, MORE will be made!!

He also gave me more Loquats so more Jam has been made, with one jar going to work for him to try.  I have seen a huge tree smothered in fruit, so I am thinking of door knocking to see if I can pick some.

Heads up for you Hamilton folk.  If you want a lovely hand made candle head to the Orphan Aids Op Shop in Frankton, the manger makes these to sell in the shop.  Mine is Rose fragrance, I love the little slices of branch she stamps and uses as tags.

No wisdom this week
just shenanigans!
Three Queens in a row!!



Beth Waltz said...

The new umbrella resembles a giant flower! Well chosen for your gorgeous garden, Sue!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Looks like you're having fun with an app on that new phone cam too.
Your critters all look so happy!
Love those dried flower posies & the new red umbrella.

Goody said...

What a great way to re-purpose an old ladder.
I loathe plastic clothespins-they break so easily.